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Useful Information
Dear Traveller,

The following information is of extreme importance, advising you of our recommendations regarding water, food, what to wear, shopping, and other matters vital to the enjoyment of your stay in Egypt.

A) Water: It is advisable to drink only bottled water during your stay, as our tap water, although fully purified, contains a high quantity of alkali to which you may not be accustomed.

B) Food: In Egypt in hotels and better restaurants is completely safe for you to eat - hygienically prepared and served to the highest international standards. All dairy products are made from pasteurised milk. - Some travellers prefer not to eat un-cooked salads - this is your choice. (There is one problem with our food, actually - it often is so appealing, and travellers tend to overeat - to their later distress.)

C) Weather: Here throughout the year is fabulous - sunny, usually warm, sometimes hot during the day, but cool at night. Light clothing is best during the day, with a sweater for air-conditioned tour coaches and some interiors, but, importantly, a sweater or even jacket at night. - During our winter, a coat is needed after sunset.

D) Tour clothing:
While touring in the Cairo area, at Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, - and in Upper Egypt, at Luxor, Aswan, and other locations, - always dress in casual clothes that will “breathe” in hot weather. Trousers are entirely appropriate for women as well as men, even modest shorts. Always wear comfortable walking shoes (sneakers are fine) - not open sandals. A Sunhat is absolutely essential, all the year! (Sunglasses and sunscreen are suggested as well.) During Cairo city tours, when you visit any mosques, churches, synagogues, museums, it will be thoughtful not to wear shorts or very revealing skirts, blouses, shirts - Egyptians of all faiths are conservative in dress and will appreciate your being casually but modestly dressed in the city.

E) While touring: Take on tour each day one bottle of mineral water per person, in order to be able to refresh yourself at any time - and, importantly, to avoid dehydration.
A flashlight can be helpful in the interior of pyramids, tombs, and temples, both for examining details of art and architecture and for
lighting your way in frequently dim areas, - and can be a boon during evening excursions.

F) Inoculations: No inoculations are required by travellers entering Egypt unless they are arriving from countries where such diseases as cholera, yellow fever, or malaria are endemic.

All arriving passengers into Egypt must hold a  negative Covid-19 PCR test issued no more than 48 hours prior to arrival.

G) Egyptians: We think you will find, are an extremely friendly people, outgoing and helpful, showing particular hospitality to visitors and strangers. We suggest, however, that when you may need walking directions or shopping advice, it will be most convenient to consult with your tour guide or tour host, who, being professionals, can give you the most practical counsel.

H) Tipping: Tipping to your Tour Hosts, Egyptologist-Guides, and Drivers is at your discretion and subject to your satisfaction. - You may wish to wait to give gratuities at the end of your visit.
(You doubtlessly will appreciate knowing that if you give a gratuity to anyone in the Near and Far East, it is considered especially courteous to slip the gratuity into an ENVELOPE before presenting it, rather than giving it in hand. - You will find envelopes in the stationary portfolio in your hotel room.)

I) Shopping: "Time permitting", your guide will be pleased to take you shopping for typical Egyptian souvenirs (Gold, silver, papyrus, and hand woven carpets are famous in Egypt). Always bargain for the best price and feel free to ask your guide to assist you. The quality, prices, and delivery of your purchases are your responsibility.

J) Postcards and Letters Home:
Postage for an airmail letter OR postcard to the United States or Canada is Two Egyptian Pound & Fifty Piasters (about 40 US Cents). (The postage is the same for any foreign country.) Best affix the stamps to your envelope or card before writing the address. Sometimes the person who sells you the stamps is out of 2.5 pound stamps and will have to sell you an array of stamps to make up the 2.5 pound; then, if you already have printed your address the stamps will cover part of the address! Always Print the address - and don’t forget to add U.S.A. or the name of the country to which you’re mailing your card or letter. Your letter or postcard will take 7 - 10 days to reach anywhere in the U.S.

K) Calling Home: You normally can direct dial any number abroad from your bedside telephone However, if the phone rings three times - and even if no answers, - you will automatically be charged for a three-minute call! So best place any long distance call through the hotel operator, and/or make internet calls vis SKYPE, MESSENGER for free.

L) Visas:
(If you have no entry visa for Egypt) NO PROBLEM!
Visa could be obtained upon arrival at Cairo International Airport, a quick and painless task with the assistance of your Tour Host, all you need is a $25 Per Passport in Cash, and No photos are required.

M) Always:Feel free to contact us at any hour if you have questions of any kind.
Our Cairo office telephone numbers are: 3376-8064 / 3376-8065 / 3376-8183. Our office hours are 9:00AM-4:00PM Sunday-Thursday (Closed Fridays & Saturdays).

Regarding any urgent matter feel free to ring any of the following cellular phone numbers: (010) 6733 3870

N) Trip Insurance:
We STRONGLY advise you to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance. We suggest you checkout: as considered one of the best companies.